Thursday, 9 July 2015

A sad story of love.

Let me tell you what i feel.

In a cold and windy night, i sat behind a man who i ever loved, on his motorcycle.
I hugged him. He drove his motorcycle carefully, he sometimes saw me from spion just got to know that i'm still there hugging him tight, then he hold my hand for a couple second just like he wanted to tell me. "You'll be safe.".

I closed my eyes, felt the wind in my face, heard the sound between the wheel an the road also the leaves on the trees in the road side. 

I imagine the sea. The waves come to the beach. The sound of the waves which hit the rocks. My inner peace.

I learn something about wind and waves. We can feel it, we can see it, but we cant hold it. Its still the things that people —me, try hard to find, see and feel. This is the same thing as a sad story of... Love.

We never exhausted to find love. It have no shape to hold. But we can feel the love, we can see the affection of love. And we should be able to let it disappear just like when the waves hit the rocks or the wind that left behind us when we're riding the motorcycle.

If its sad, let it flow, let it fly. At least, you know how beuatiful it is. The weaves, the wind, and the sad story of love.

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