Friday, 19 August 2011


yap, kalo aja ini tumblr, mungkin udh gue reblog. tapi posting ini gue dapet dr blog tmn gue yang well, i'm agree with it.
cewe mana yang ga mau diginiin sama pacarnya? :)

i wish my man would do these :

Wake me up with his hello & forehead kiss
Sit on passenger seat to watch me drive
Let my head sleep on his lap
Caress my hair
Give me a warm hug everytime i got a problem
Play his guitar and sing a lullaby for me
Open the door & let me walk first
Proud to pronounce the world that i'm the only one
Awake when i got a nightmare
Put my blanket on before i go to sleep
Pull up his sleeves to cook for me
Mad at me because i'm too lazy to eat
Never complaining about his weight because for me he always looks fine
Makes me laugh & forget things
Calmed me down when i get mad
Kiss me over the phone
Leave his work when i'm sick
Never sleep before i sleep first
Hug me like a pillow to sleep
Drive me home while holding my hands along the way
Smile when he sees me wearing a skirt for him
Text me his morning & goodnight
Letting me keep his secrets
Proudly held my hand everywhere
Makes me love him more, everyday

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